Simple & reliable access to decentralized networks

Get connected to Aion, Ethereum, and IPFS in minutes with our easy to use APIs.  We host and manage scalable blockchain node infrastructure, so you can focus on building the features of your decentralized application.

Nodesmith Features

Easy Network Access

We host and manage blockchain nodes so you don’t have to. Using our APIs, in minutes you will be able to send transactions or read data from the network.

Reliable Infrastructure

We provide a fully managed service with incredible uptime.   With Nodesmith, you don’t have to worry about keeping a blockchain node available 24/7 and accessible globally.


Our service utilizes smart caching and efficient routing to respond to requests faster than other solutions, regardless of where the request originated from.


Nodesmith utilizes smart caching and auto scaling strategies to ensure that as your decentralized application scales, you can rest assured that your network access will keep up.

Nodesmith simplifies and supercharges your decentralized application development. Let us manage the hassles of infrastructure and scaling, so you can focus on building the decentralized apps of the future.



Access to Aion public networks

Compliant JSON RPC API

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Access to Ethereum public networks

Compliant JSON RPC API

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Decentralized storage

Store images, large data files & more

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