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Build fast, user-friendly, scalable blockchain applications

Blockchain nodes are difficult to scale. Nodesmith lets you build applications without worrying about performance, uptime and other infrastructure-related hurdles.
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Ethereum is a leading blockchain network and a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications. Ethereum allows developers to build smart contract enabled applications.
Aion is a third generation multi-tier blockchain network with the world’s first Java-based smart contract execution environment (the JVM).
IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol that allows you to store arbitrary files on a decentralized network. IPFS provides a nice compliment to Ethereum and other smart contract networks where data storage is costly.
POA networks are leading permissioned blockchain networks, allowing for increased performance due to a known validator set. The xDai network provides a network that is denominated in a stable coin (Dai).
Cosmos Hub
The Cosmos Hub Network is the first of many interconnected blockchain networks that will make up the Cosmos Network.
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Multi Network Infrastructure

Blockchain is evolving and so is our growing list of supported networks.

Nodesmith’s Platform

The Nodesmith platform is for developers who are pushing the boundaries of web3 and want more than just a vanilla node solution. The platform is much more than publicly accessible blockchain nodes. It includes extensive proprietary middleware that enables the following.

Hyper Reliable & Scalable

Nodesmith handles surges in application traffic by automatically spinning up custom built blockchain nodes. Nodesmith provides enterprise grade availability and scales automatically as your app’s traffic increases.

Read Data Faster

Reading data from vanilla blockchain nodes can be slow. Nodesmith makes every call incredibly fast with a smart caching layer that syncs with blockchain state, even during reorgs.

No API Lock-in

Our endpoints are fully compliant with the underlying protocol's open source APIs - we believe blockchain developers shouldn't be locked into proprietary wrappers. You can take advantage of Nodesmith’s speed, scale & reliability with the same libraries and tools you use with a local node.

Global Infrastructure

Nodesmith is currently fully deployed in three data centers across the world. Our platform is fully cloud agnostic and runs in a variety of cloud service providers. All API requests are routed to the nearest data center using a technique called Latency Based Routing. As traffic increases, we can quickly deploy additional clusters as needed.
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Empowering Web3 Builders & Pioneers

We embolden web3 companies to disrupt mature markets and to create new industries. These are some of the use cases developers are building with Nodesmith.
Companies around the world are realizing time and cost savings by moving their supply chain logistics to blockchain platforms. Nodesmith makes it easy to get started.
As digital currencies and assets continue to proliferate, exchanges provide the necessary markets and liquidity. Nodesmith gives exchanges the mission critical infrastructure needed to run an exchange.
Tokenized Economies
Blockchain technology has made new business models and economies possible. Whether you’re building a game, dApp, or tokenized marketplace, Nodesmith frees you up to focus on the features of your application.
Finance (DeFi)
Finance is being reinvented with a focus on equity, transparency, and user control. Nodesmith helps power this fundamental shift with global, reliable infrastructure.
Digital Media Rights
Blockchain technology provides a transparent and immutable ledger, making it a natural fit for tracking ownership and paying fees for any digital media, like music or film, and ensuring that artists are compensated for their efforts.
Notary / Legal
The immutable logging functionality provided by blockchain networks provides an incredible amount of value in the legal realm. Documents and contracts can be digitally hashed and permanently recorded with low cost.
One of the areas most impacted by blockchain technology is identity management. Blockchain technology will help make self-sovereign identity a reality, giving people full control over their identity and their data.

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