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Nodesmith is committed to being a product with a focus on transparency. While we will always have a free model, we will be moving towards a tiered payment plan that will be equitable for all users.
Unlimited API calls in early 2019
Basic Support
Extended free trial in late 2019
Advanced support
Get started
Up to X API calls
Basic Support
Third point
Fourth point
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Unlimited API Calls
White Glove Support
Third point
Fourth point
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Need support for a permissioned chain or sidechain? We can accommodate, please contact us.

Have questions about Nodesmith?

When will Nodesmith be switching to being a paid-for service?
Nodesmith is currently in an intro period and is not charging for service. We will be transitioning to self-service paid plans in H2 2019. We will always have a generous free tier available.
What will the transition look like for free users currently using Nodesmith?
Developers who have joined Nodesmith during the intro period will receive a discounted rate or extended free trial to show our appreciation for your early support and help validating our service.
Is Nodesmith working with enterprise clients at this time?
We are working with enterprise clients at this time and can run custom infrastructure for you if you have specific requirements.
What’s Nodesmith’s infrastructure like in terms of hardware?
Currently, we are running our service using Kubernetes on AWS in the us-west-2 region. We have a couple of machines configured in our cluster across availability zones in an autoscaling group to ensure our service stays up and can handle traffic spikes. In the future, we’ll be replicating this cluster across different cloud hosting providers (Google Cloud Platform and Azure are likely to start) and regions (we’d like to get something in EMEA, APAC, and Eastern US).
What kind of load can you handle at the moment, requests per second etc? What limits do you impose?
In our initial load tests (with a cap on the number of VMs we’re using), we’ve been handling approximately 10,000 requests/second at full load (this is obviously an idealized load test case, so real numbers would likely be a bit lower). Our solution scales horizontally, so if we needed to handle more capacity to this, we can simply add more machines. Depending on the tier of your account, we impose various rate limits to prevent users from abusing the service.
What’s your privacy policy in regards to API requests, do you store/archive requests in-full and do you allow 3rd parties access to such?
For scalability, we have our service behind a load balancer, which points to a Kubernetes cluster in an autoscaling group, which is configured to spin up replicas to handle increased load. For redundancy, we have the service spread across different isolated availability zones. For attack mitigation, we are currently using Amazon Shield.
How is Nodesmith different from its competitors?
Nodesmith is different from competitors in a few important ways. First, we are blockchain agnostic, and are continuously adding support for new networks. We believe there will be a large number of public blockchains in the future. Secondly, our solution is the fastest and most reliable access point to public blockchain networks based on our unique architecture. We do not rent nodes to developers, rather, we give them API access to our platform, which is built with a proprietary middleware layer that greatly increases reliability and response speed.