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We provide you with more than just blockchain access

We’ve invested heavily in proprietary middleware to ensure your access to blockchain networks is as fast and reliable as possible. Nodesmith gets you connected to blockchain networks within a minute, but also grows with you to enterprise scale.

Scaling Decentralized Applications

Blockchain nodes are difficult to run consistently at scale. We’ve got you covered, so you can focus on developing what you care about.
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Increased Read Performance
Nodesmith maintains caches for the entire state of every supported network, allowing us to serve requests in milliseconds that would take tens of seconds or even minutes on a normal blockchain node.
Auto Scaling
As traffic increases, Nodesmith automatically spins up custom-built blockchain nodes to quickly scale up capacity. Nodesmith gives developers the peace of mind that their blockchain access will keep up with surges in their app traffic.
Global Infrastructure
Nodesmith runs in multiple data centers around the world. All API requests to our platform are automatically routed to the nearest data center, decreasing call latency for your users.
The one thing that’s made me feel optimistic over recent years is that there is a lot of interest, not just on the cryptocurrency side, but in actually using it to build decentralized applications.
Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum

Nodesmith is the stability layer of Web3

Nodesmith gives developers peace of mind that their Web3 access will always be there.
Production Grade Reliability
Nodesmith has built in redundancy and is built with best-in-class DevOps technology, providing developers with the reliability they expect.
Self Healing
Our platform is monitored 24/7 and built to last through unexpected failures and outages. In the event of a node or data center failure, traffic will be routed to healthy resources, while the failing resources heal automatically.
Never Miss an Update
Stop worrying about keeping up with the latest updates to your blockchain node, our service seamlessly upgrades nodes when needed, without any downtime.
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Developer First Platform

Developers come first at Nodesmith. Everything we build is intended to improve the lives of developers.
Get started in < 1 minute
Send an API request to a blWith Nodesmith, you can send an API request to a blockchain network within a minute of signing up. We want to give developers the adequate tools to help them go fast.
No API lock-in
It’s essential in the Web3 world that developers are not locked into a proprietary API. Using Nodesmith is as simple as changing one config in your application. You can use all the same APIs and SDKs you’re familiar with.
Full testnet support
For all networks on our platform, we support all the most popular test networks as well, allowing developers to build confidently in sandboxed environments.
Responsive support & documentation
Our mission at Nodesmith is to make developers successful. That means answering their questions, helping out in a timely manner, and prioritizing documentation.
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