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The IPFS Networks {coming soon}

IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol that allows you to store arbitrary files on a decentralized network. IPFS provides a nice compliment to Ethereum and other smart contract networks where data storage is costly. Nodesmith makes it super simple to store files on IPFS and guarantees they will always be accessible.

How to get connected to IPFS with Nodesmith

Nodesmith currently supports Aion, Ethereum, POA, xDai, and Cosmos networks.

We will be adding numerous additional networks in the future, as well as support for decentralized storage (IPFS) and decentralized compute resources.

Coming Soon


Building on IPFS with Nodesmith

Nodesmith makes it super simple to get connected to IFPS, allowing you to stop worrying about infrastructure and start building.

  • Store any arbitrary file (images, JSON, etc.)
  • Full network state cached
  • Scalable & Reliable
Learn how IPFS will work with Nodesmith

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