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Our Mission

To further Web3 adoption by making it easier for developers to build high quality blockchain applications and iterate on their ideas.

We strive to unleash developers' potential by creating the tools and infrastructure they need to build the Web3 future.

Built For Developers by Developers

We are currently hiring talented engineers and developer evangelists. If you are passionate about decentralized technology and want to help us build the foundational infrastructure of the new internet, check out our jobs.

Nodesmith Leadership

Nodesmith is a Seattle-based company that was formed in 2018. We were founded by a team of early blockchain enthusiasts who had previously spent their careers building developer platforms and APIs at large enterprise companies like Microsoft and Tableau. Our executive team has been building blockchain applications since early 2016 and have been Ethereum consultants for Fortune 500 companies.
Founder & CEO
Brendan Lee
Brendan has worked previously as a software engineer and product manager at Tableau, where he focused on developer platforms. He has been building on Ethereum since 2016.
Founder & CTO
Samm Desmond
Samm is an experienced engineer and architect, with a background in building developer platforms at Microsoft and Tableau. He ensures Nodesmith’s infrastructure is as reliable and fast as possible.

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