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Cosmos Hub

The Cosmos Hub Network is the first of many interconnected blockchain networks that will make up the Cosmos Network.

How to get connected to Cosmos

Nodesmith is a drop-in replacement for a local Cosmos node. Simply point your code at Nodesmith's servers instead of your node. Leave the work of installing a node, running it 24/7, and keeping the software updated up to us.

            $ echo "Getting the latest block from Nodesmith"

$ curl -s https://YOUR_API_KEY.cosmoshub-2.rest.cosmos.api.nodesmith.io/blocks/latest | jq -M

Building on Cosmos Hub with Nodesmith

Nodesmith makes it simple to get connected to Cosmos Hub, allowing you to stop worrying about infrastructure and start building.

  • Connect via the standard Cosmos REST API
  • Connect via the Gaia CLI
  • HTTPS endpoints
  • Compatible with existing Cosmos API wrappers
  • No node maintenance required
  • Scalable and reliable
  • Lightning fast thanks to proprietary caching layer
  • Latency Based Routing to Global Datacenters
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